March 15, 2012

Technique: Easy Burberry

I didn't start this blog to just show off nail art that I do. I really wanted to make a blog that was helpful to anyone that could use tips for nail styles you could do yourself. So the point of this technique is to try and make something difficult more simple. I have seen a million versions of the Burberry plaid on nails. They all look so intricate! So here is a step by step instruction on an easier variation of the Burberry plaid design.

1. I started with a tan/beige base. The one I used is just a cheapo nail polish from a clothing store. I did three coats to get a solid, even color.

2. Next I used a white polish to make a horizontal stripe. I tried to make it thick and only the width of the nail polish brush to make it one easy swipe. I really didn't worry about making the lines straight because I knew I was going to outline it in the next step. Made it a little faster/easier. The polish I used here is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in "White On."

3. Step three.. the black stripes. I used a Sally Hansen nail art pen. I tried to make the lines as straight as I could. Have to make sure the pen is always very saturated with polish.

4. Lastly I wanted to switch it up a bit, so I used hot pink instead of burgundy. Much more me :). So first I did two verticle stripes closer to the left side of my nail. Then I did one horizontal towards the bottom of my nail. Quite simple. Here I used Stripe Rite polish in Hot Pink.

 So, there you have it. Still takes a little skill, but a much easier and less detailed version of the Burberry plaid!

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