March 17, 2012

Critique: Color Change Polish

Since we have had such wonderful and sunny weather here in the Midwest lately, I decided it was a perfect time to try this color-changing polish by DEL SOL. I like it! It makes me feel like a kid again :)

The kind that I used changes from an iridescent ivory to “Pretty in Pink”. The left above is inside and the pink on the right is outside in the sun. Its a thin polish so I had to do a coat of white underneath to make it pop.

Overall, it’s a fun polish, but only changes when you are in direct sunlight. When my nails were outside but hiding from the sunrays for a bit it turned back to ivory. To the left is the polish when it was overcast/cloudy out. It was more in-between, like a pale pink. Still pretty though!

Another sad point is that when your inside all day (like I was working for 8 hours yesterday) it just made me want to go outside even more! Hmf.. haha
My advice for this one is to get a color that changes more subtly. This one was nice because the in-between was pale pink and not an icky color. Another good choice would be pink to purple.

Have fun in the sun!


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