October 8, 2012

week 2: BLUE

Theme for week 2 of the 52 week challenge is blue. You know... like the color :) Below is what I came up with. Its hard to see how pretty the darker blue is in this pic, sorry! Also this isn't very cleaned up but oh well.

So I just wanted to show off this pretty bright blue color. This was the first time I used it because I thought it was a little dark for summer, but it is actually quite bright. It is "Ride the Waves" by China Glaze.

I wanted to do something simple, but also something I haven’t done before. So I did a simple chevron taped design. I started with just a square piece of tape turned sideways at the tip of my nail.

Then, to form the chevron/arrow shape, I used to pieces of tape abut 1/8 of an inch parallel to the square piece. Below is a pic. Sorry it’s hard to see! I really need to get some colored tape for these taping posts.

Then, the same old drill... paint one nail, remove tape, paint next nail, remove tape, and so on. The dark blue I used for the chevron is "Dive Bar" by Essie.
So there you have it. Some simple taping for a chic design. I love blue polish :)

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