October 2, 2012

52 week challenge... 1 new style every week!

I am super super excited because I found r/RedditLaqueristas at the perfect time. They are just starting a new 52 week challenge!!!

Basically, for 1 year, there will be a different theme to every week (i.e. a color, a technique, or "inspired by...") and a new chance to share the nails you created. It sounds like a lot of work, but I am going to try my best to keep up! I am super excited about it. I will probably not blog every nail design I do from the challenge, but I think it is great for inspiration! If anything I may just post a single pic with a "week #=..." title. Feel free to join along with me in the 52 week challenge.

Wahoo! Yay for having ambitious nail goals :)

Week 1 theme is taping. I'll post my nails in a little bit.

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