October 19, 2012

Combo: Indigo + Techno

So yesterday I was trying out a few different designs and none of them were working out. It got very frustrating. Here’s what I said to that: when all else fails, add glitter! So here is a simple combo of a pretty circle iridescent glitter and a pretty indigo.
The colors I used were,
Base: Want my Bawdy by China Glaze (Bohemian Collection)

Glitter: Techno by China Glaze

To apply the glitter polish I just made sure the brush was heavily saturated with the chunky glitter and dabbed at my nail, starting at the cuticle. To make the glitter sort of float up did a few lighter dabs farther up the nail. Pretty simple, and it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good. For some reason the indigo is photographing bright royal blue, but it is actually a little more purple than these pics show.

I love this dark indigo with the iridescent glitter, but this Techno glitter would also look great with a mint or light pink polish :)

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