January 30, 2012

Technique: Match the Dress

 Bday nails!

Last weekend was my birthday weekend, so naturally I had to do something flashy that matched my dress. So here is the dress I wore with a close up on the sparkly aqua detail that I based my nails off of. I tried multiple styles before I decided on this look. Of course it had to be perfect. :)

I started with two coats of this aqua color. It’s “Gorgeous” by Sinful Colors. This is almost the same color as the stripes on my dress, but it needed some sparkle too! So then I did a coat of this sparkle color, “Snowman of my Dreams” by Nicole by OPI. It was perfect because it has a little blue tint to it, which made the color match even more perfect to my dress detail. I wanted the aqua color underneath to show threw still though, so I did the sparkle coat really thin.

And Viola! A perfect match… I got the color pretty close huh? The funny thing is, I went out to dinner with my family and our waitress had almost the same color nail polish. She said she used this OPI color from the Muppets collection (Gone Gonzo). So here’s an easier version of this look!  This polish looks a little more playful, but still pretty glam ;)

Gone Gonzo by OPI

xoxo polish girl (I’ve obviously been watching way too much Gossip Girl lately)