January 14, 2012

Technique: Accent Heart

The Accent Heart

For this technique I used 2-3 coats of a dark color (here “Dive Bar” by Essie) with a small accented heart in a lighter version of the base color (here “Gorgeous” by Sinful Colors). 

An easy way to find a good accent color is to concentrate on the shine or sparkle of the base color. In this pic you can see that Dive Bar gives off a turquoise/aqua glow, almost the same exact color as the Gorgeous color I picked for this accent heart.

If you are using a solid or matte color for your base coat this trick wont apply but I will make a post on solid/bright colors later ;)

To actually make the heart I used the pointed end of a cosmetic Q-tip. These Q-tips are awesome for accents or fixing mess-ups. Very handy! I made sure the Q-tip had a good blob of nail polish on the tip and started at the “humps” of the heart. From there you can drag the blobs down to a point to form a heart and just adjust with a new clean Q-tip or even toothpick if you need to fix some edges. 

Voila! Don't get frusturated if you can't make it perfect the first time. I sure didn't ;) just keep at it and only do one nail if you want. It's more classy anyway.

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