December 21, 2012

Technique: Dark Clouds

Winter Storm DRACO is here!! I didn’t even know we named snow storms haha. I’m not sure that is necessary. But in light of the storm yesterday, I am posting my dark cloud manicure. If you haven’t seen the cloud mani done before, here is a tutorial. I think Nailside was the first place I saw this done. It is a super easy technique and doesn’t require any additional tools! Just a fairly steady hand to get the straight polish strokes. I’ve seen it usually done with two clouds, but I love this top color so much I wanted to see as much of it as I could!

Here are the polishes I used. Base coat (dark purple) is It’s an Original by Finger Paints. The cloud color/top coat I used is Knackered by Butter London. This one of the coolest polishes I own. It looks best over dark colors, so that is why I used the dark purple as a base coat.

Sorry I don’t have any pics of the dark purple base on my nails but I believe I did 2 coats. Below is a few pictures of the final product. The Knackered is a silver with a sort of rainbow duo chrome. It looks sort of lavender on top of this dark purple, but when you look at the nail sideways it almost looks greyish turquoise.  And the tiny rainbow sparkles in Knackered remind me of rain. Perfect for dark clouds! Love this combo!  

I tried to take a sideways picture so you could see the turqoise duo chrome color but it didn' t turn out the greatest lol.

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