July 11, 2012

Tip: Glue On Nails

I used to love getting acrylic nails. I always would wait for special occasions like Prom because its so expensive. Not to mention that acrylics completely destroy your real nails. However, now that I am out of college those occasions don’t come up and I have other things to spend money on besides getting acrylics… So I started using glue ons! If you get a good brand they can look very nice and natural. So here are some tips for making them look the best and last the longest.

1.  Pick a nail brand that looks like it will mimic your nail bed shape. Really concentrate on the space of your nail (excluding the white tip) and compare it to the clear part of the fake nails. My nails beds are pretty long so I usually like elegantTouch or Kiss everlasting French.
Good Brand for Glue On nails

Brand I used for this post

2.  Size all 10 nails and lay them down a steady surface in the order of your nails.
3.  Cut all your nails as short as you can. This way you wont be able to see your real nail on the other side of the fake nail.
4.  Use a wooden cuticle stick to push down your cuticles as much as you can. Most glue on nail kits come with a cuticle stick, but if not you can get them at Target/Walgreens/etc.

5.  The most important thing to do to make fake nails stay on the longest is to use LOTS of glue. The below picture is how much I usually apply, a very thick line of glue, straight down the middle. In the pic on the right, you can see that applying glue this thick usually causes it to bubble out. So quickly swipe a paper towel straight down so the access glue goes on your finger and not the nail (it’s easy to peel of the skin and doesn’t come off the nail)

6.  After quickly swiping away access glue, hold down firmly in the center of the nail for 10 seconds. This avoids any bubbles forming under the nail in the glue.

7. After all the nails have been on for at least a minute, you can file them to get the shape and length you want. I have an iPhone that makes it impossible to text on with long nails so I usually use a clippers to cut down the thumb nails a little.

So there you go! Simple, cute, and usually lasts for about 2 weeks. Try not to pry them off to much before they're time if you can because that can tend to ruin your nail with all that glue you used!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous and they look so natural! I've just nailed down (no pun intended)application technique so now I'm just looking for the perfect nails and judging from your nails I'm going to give Elegant Touch a try :0)